Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tungsten and Fluorescent Lighting 1

Compose a photograph in which both the interior lit by tungsten lamps and the exterior at dusk are both visible. Wait until the light levels inside and outside are approximately equal, and take three photographs, as follows: with the white balance set to Auto, with the balance set to daylight and with the balance set to tungsten. Compare the results.

WB: Auto

WB: Fine weather

WB: Tungsten

What have I learned?
The results with the auto and tungsten white balance settings are quite similar. The indoor (tungsten) lighting has been neutralised while the natural lighting from outside has been rendered blue. The auto setting is warmer though is a characteristic of my camera which I will try to fine tune.
The fine weather setting adds a very warm tone overall though the effect is slightly less pronounced where there is natural light.

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