Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cloudy Weather and Rain 3

For this part of the exercise, you will need rain.

I took this yesterday, from the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. I desaturated this image to remove the colour from the bus which diverted attention away from the man. I also converted the van on the left from white to grey as this was also distracting.

After leaving the National Portrait Gallery, there was a momentary break in the rain that enabled me to grab this shot. It made sense to place Nelson's column right in the centre of the frame and I quite like the fact that he is looking away into the distance.

This was my final shot of the day and it was the reflections that really caught my eye. I've desaturated this a little as the colours aren't really important and I wanted to emphasise the contrasting tones instead.

What have I learned?
This type of weather provides opportunities for interesting street photography. I don't often see people running through the streets in good weather! I particularly like the dramatic skies which normally precede a storm. Again, far more interesting than clear blue skies.

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