Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Shiny Surfaces

Find an object that is so shiny that you can see your face in it. Choose an object that you can lay flat on the floor and photograph from above. Make sure that it is not too large to fit into the viewfinder and choose a simple background.

Set up the object, camera and a light positioned close to the camera. Take a photograph for reference.
Roll some tracing paper in the shape of a cone so that the wide end will sit around the object (but out of view), and so that it tapers upwards towards the small end, which should just surround the lens.

Take a second photograph then experiment with the light in different positions and at different distances. Also try changing the angle of the object slightly.

What have I learned?
Even though I only managed one satisfactory exposure, I understand the principle behind this exercise. The tracing paper cone was effectively a makeshift light tent. Light tents and light cubes are used extensively in product photography for catalogues and websites.

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