Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Outdoors at Night

The aim of this exercise is to explore the variety lighting effects and colour in artificial light.

These images were taken on the all night photoshoot last weekend. The first 2 were taken around sunset so there is still some colour in the sky.
Although the sky in the final image lacks detail, I liked the glassy effect of the River Thames caused by a 30 second exposure.

This was a crafty shot taken on Monday evening in an amusement arcade in The Trocadero. I wasn't able to fine-tune the camera settings because I was trying to avoid being seen by the security staff and the man using the machine! I managed to rescue most of the highlights by duplicating the image at different exposures in RAW and then tone mapping them in Photomatix Pro.

This is a group of Spaniards in Leicester Square who were celebrating Spain's 2-nil win over Honduras in the World Cup. I'm not sure what type of vehicle cast the red light on the pavement, but I like the effect.

This was taken outside the Hampshire Hotel in Leicester Square. I was first attracted by the fairy lights above the entrance, then I noticed the many different colours being cast by the surrounding buildings.

What have I learned?
The last 3 images were taken with a Nikon D80, which does not perform particularly well at ISOs above 400. Consequently, there was much trial and error and a few deleted shots.
For the next set of shots, I will use a Nikon D700 because it copes better in low light. this will allow me to concentrate more on composition and perhaps be more creative.

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