Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Colours into Tones in Black & White

Make a still-life arrangement that includes the colours red, yellow, green and blue. Also include a piece of grey card which should appear as mid-grey in each exposure.

Create five monochrome versions in Photoshop using the preset filter options (neutral/default, red, yellow, green and blue).


This is a still life I set up earlier today, featuring the colours red, yellow, green and blue. A grey card is also included to check the white balance.

No Filter

This is the image after being converted to black and white in Photoshop, without applying any of the preset filters.

Red Filter

Yellow Filter

Green Filter

Blue Filter

What have I learned?
According to the study material, each coloured filter lightens the corresponding colour in an image, and darkens any others. Though this may ring true for the blue and green filters, it is not an exact science, which I noted when looking at the examples in the course file, and my own images. For example, the red filter makes yellow tones lighter. 

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