Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Colour Relationships

Produce one photograph for each combination of primary and secondary colours, adjusting the distance, focal length or framing when you shoot so that you compose the picture to the following proportions:

  • Red: Green        1:1
  • Orange: Blue     1:2
  • Yellow: Violet    1:3

Red:Green (1:1)

I took this at Kew Gardens last Thursday. When composing the shot, I tried to fill the frame with berries to achieve the required ratio, as they were small in size and number when compared with the leaves. I also cropped a little from the edges to tidy up the framing.

Orange:Blue (1:2)

I took this in St Ives yesterday morning and was struck by the contrast between these two vivid colours. I framed this so that the roof only occupies roughly one third of the the image.

Yellow:Violet (1:3)

These are the raw ingredients for an evening meal that I have placed in diffused window light. I used a sheet of white paper to provide fill light.and cropped to remove some background.

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