Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Colour Relationships

Produce three or four images which feature colour combinations that appeal to you.

Pink & Yellow

Pink is one of my favourite colours as it easily combines with a range of other colours. This combination of pink and yellow looks almost edible because it reminds me of seaside rock or raspberry ripple ice-cream!
At first glance these colours seem to clash, but because pink is a tint of red, which is near to yellow on the colour wheel, they are actually quite similar.

Pink & Green

This shade of pink is almost fluorescent, and because it only appears in thin strips, it does not overwhelm. It works very well with the green for two reasons. Firstly the dark, cool shade of green balances out the vivid, hot shade of pink, and secondly they are complementary colours on the colour wheel (pink is a tint of red).

Orange, Green & Blue

Orange and green are contrasting colours due to their placement on the colour wheel, but they do not clash because I think the cool green manages to tone down the effect of the warm orange. I opted for a low perspective when composing this shot in order to incorporate the sky. I particularly liked the warm translucent orange against the cool blue background.

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