Saturday, 26 December 2009

More contrasts

This is a shot of Stonehenge in Summer 2008. The original image was very flat, so I have enhanced it to show the rugged features of the stones, which I think is a good example of 'rough'.

This was taken at a demonstration in Central London so I took several pictures just trying to capture the atmosphere and record events. Just about everyone in the procession had a placard or banner, but there were only 3 people with balloons. This got my attention and I wanted a picture. It was only after I'd taken a few shots that it ocurred to me that this image could be construed as 'intermittent'.

I converted this image to black and white because several of the demonstrators wore brightly coloured clothes. The balloons were all dark blue, so I coloured them orange to make them stand out and because I thought orange blended with the tones in the picture.

This picture represents 'continuous' and was taken just after the start of the 2009 Edinburgh Marathon. This is the debris left behind by the runners when they set off and I used a narrow depth of field to emphasise the length of the railings.

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