Thursday, 24 December 2009

Contrasts: Moving

I wanted to get a shot of light trails created by moving vehicles, and read about a novel way of obtaining them from the inside of a moving car, in the February 2010 edition of 'Practical Photography' magazine. In the absence of a willing passenger, I clamped a 'magic arm' to the tray of my glove compartment with the camera pointing straight ahead, I triggered the shutter by remote control at various intervals while driving around local streets. Many images were completely ruined by the extreme blur caused by uneven road surfaces, but I got two reasonable shots, and this was the better one:

I shot this in RAW using auto white balance, which gave it an orange cast, so I changed it to tungsten simply because I prefer the effect. I've bumped up the saturation on this occasion - it's usually an adjustment that I use in moderation, but I thought I could probably get away with it being a little OTT in this image.

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