Saturday, 19 December 2009

Infrared Day

The light was good this morning, and there were lots of clouds in the sky, so I decided to just shoot in infrared today. I went to London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral and the Tate Modern.
I took some shots of a stained-glass window to represent 'opaque' and I think this works in IR because the colour of the glass is not really the object of the exercise:

I had originally thought of capturing something small through a magnifying glass to make it 'large' and taking a large object from a distance to make it 'small'. As I was crossing the Millenium Bridge, I noticed that my shadow stretched quite far along the bridge, and decided to used this to denote 'large' instead:

Looking  down onto the main entrance of the Tate, I found some 'small' people. This was converted to greyscale in RAW, but I wasn't happy with the dominant light coming from the windows in the ceiling and at the back of the hall. I cropped it, which places the subjects on a rule of thirds 'hot spot', and applied a Guassian blur to lessen the impact of the windows. I then applied a layer mask to remove the blur on the subjects and draw attention to them:

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