Saturday, 12 December 2009


Identify subjects that best express the extremes of different qualities and take pairs of photographs which bring out the essential qualities. make at least 8 pairs from the list provided.
In addition, produce one photograph that demonstrates contrast 'in one picture'. 

I went to Green Park and came across some pelicans which satisfied the description of 'few'. There were a couple of pigeons in the background that I cloned out because they were distracting:

For the image denoting 'still', I wanted a shot of a moving object that I could freeze and make it still. I remembered some fountains in Kensington Gardens that I photographed in IR last year, so I walked up from Green Park and found them again. I kept the top of one of the trees in the shot to give it context, otherwise it would just look like a splash of water on a blue background. I shot in RAW and processed the image to increase contrast and sharpness so the individual droplets stand out:

Just behind the fountains, is a building where several pigeons were basking in the sunshine. I thought this was a good example of 'many', but the shot was a little static. Luckily, a little patience paid off and I got a shot of a group of incoming pigeons in mid-flight. Not only does this make for a more dynamic image, but I think it also adds balance:

I walked back to Green Park and got a bus to London Bridge. It was threatening to rain by this stage, so I took some shots of dark clouds across the Thames that I hope to use for a later assignment. From there, I walked to St Katherine's Dock and found an image to fit the description 'curved':

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