Sunday, 13 December 2009

Exercise: A sequence of composition

For this exercise, you will need a situation that involves people. Use the camera as a viewer and keep it to your eye. Take pictures as you go along and see how the sequence progresses.

'Mojito Sunday Salsa'  is a monthly event hosted by a friend and I regularly take pictures for the group which is on Facebook. On this occasion, I took the opportunity to complete the exercise.

The event runs from 1pm 'til 5pm and these first shots were taken at 1:15 when the room was being set up and sound checks were done:

People start to arrive and the dancing begins:

There were 2 shows:

After the shows, the dancefloor started to fill, and then it was just a question of walking around and trying to get shots of dancers without getting in anybody's way:

I used a focal length of 135mm to get candid shots of people relaxing at the bar:

I then decided to try pick out some of the smaller details:

This is a group dance called 'La Rueda'. I held the camera above my head and by a process of trial and error, was able to get a couple of useful shots:

Shots of people bidding each other farewell and departing at the end of the event:

What have I learned?
A completely different approach - recording events as they unfold rather than just looking for interesting shots.

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