Sunday, 3 October 2010

The National Wedding Show

I went to the National Wedding Show at Earl's Court this morning. Having photographed my second wedding on Friday, I was looking for inspiration from more experienced photographers and ideas on how to present my work. I'm also considering having a presence at next year's exhibition.

All of the exhibitors displayed a range of albums, photo books and parent books and they all had large scale examples of their work hanging up. The lowest price quoted was £650 which gave me an insight into what people are prepared to pay for their wedding photography.

I was surprised to see some poor quality images from the more expensive photographers - clear evidence of the use of flash, lack of fill light and distracting backgrounds. It just goes to show that the non-discerning public can be taken in by glossy albums. It also showed me that there is still a gap in the market for high quality imagery.

I treated myself to an iPad yesterday and the plan is to use it to show friends and potential clients my best work in order to secure more bookings. I'm impressed with the size and quality of the screen, and once I become familiar with it and download some suitable apps, I think it could be a very useful marketing tool.

I have just downloaded a free application called Guardian Eyewitness which gives access to the 100 most recent images taken from the Guardian Newspaper daily centre spread. These images cover a range of  global events and include a 'pro tip' which is a couple of sentences from the photographer on how the shot was composed and/or camera settings used to achieve the end result.

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