Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Streamlining my Workflow

I am just about to finish an online course called Adobe Lightroom - A Comprehensive Look.

At the moment, I am using Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW (where appropriate) and then Photoshop. I tinkered with Lightroom back in 2008 but didn't really understand it and felt that Photoshop was a better option for me as I wasn't batch processing at that time.

Now that the number of images I am taking has increased and many of them are in RAW, my current workflow is proving to be a little too slow. I'd really like to batch process my images and avoid using Photoshop unless I absolutely have to.

Lightroom 3 has just about all of the features I use on a regular basis and the online course was spread over 4 weeks covering all of the main features in a lot of detail. I'm looking forward to seeing what difference it makes to my post-processing.

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