Sunday, 24 January 2010

Assignment 1 - Response to Tutor Feedback

I went back to Clissold Park this morning to have another go at the image representing 'straight'. This time I decided to shoot in infrared since the image was going to be monochrome, and I thought that the grass might be more interesting than before. I have positioned the tree to the left, as advised by my tutor.

I think the revised image is much cleaner and less contrasty than my first attempt perhaps because the second image was taken early in the morning while the sun was still fairly low. I applied some tonal contrasting to the trunk of the tree to bring out more detail in the bark and cloned out the lower sections of 2 trees in the background, along with some debris on the path. This shot has also been uploaded to my website which is now ready to launch!


Russell referred to "no real border or focal point to frame the subject", so I returned to Hays Galleria to take the shot again. This time, I faced the opposite direction because the sky was not visible from my original viewpoint. I took 3 bracketed shots because of the tonal range between the roof and clouds. I think this shot is now less abstract and the use of leading lines and framing provide a clear focal point.

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  1. Fantastic!!! Well I never!!! So you do photography, keep it up. Brilliant work. Send me info on the website when you launch. I will link/follow you on all my sites.