Thursday, 27 May 2010

Primary & Secondary Colours


All of these images were taken at Kew Gardens this morning. I had to do quite a bit of searching for this one as it's not as prevalent as the other colours. I found this plant growing on some rocks in one of the conservatories.
Again, I took three bracketed shots which, from top to bottom are as follows: underexposed (half a stop), correctly exposed and overexposed (half a stop). The underexposed image is the only which comes close to reality. The others look slightly greyer than they actually were. 


In this example, my preference is for the underexposed (top) image as it is more vibrant and closest to the actual colour of the flower.


These are dying plants, and I am torn between the correctly exposed and the overexposed images. Besides a distinct lack of contrast, the middle and bottom images show a lighter shade of yellow, that I prefer. I wonder if that is because I associate yellow with Summer and therefore the darker image seems somehow 'unnatural'?
I suppose this is an example of an emotional response to colour, as mentioned in the study material.

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