Friday, 2 April 2010

Annie Leibovitz ~ Life Through a Lens

I just watched this on DVD. I've been an admirer of Annie Leibovitz's work for several years because it's so different and quite daring. This film is really about the person rather than the images, though there are insights into the stories behind some of her most famous work.
It was interesting to see the amount pre-planning, setting-up, post-processing (and money!) that goes into shooting a cover for Vanity Fair or Vogue.
She made an interesting comment relating to Vanity Fair that her 'real' pictures were inside the magazine, since the cover was designed to sell the publication and was therefore just an advert. The 'real' photographs were more candid and had more of a documentary/reportage feel to them. This reminded me of the first chapter of 'The Photograph' by Graham Clarke which looks at the purpose of a photograph.

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